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A Black Mountain meet with Tommy and Jeff.

Chris H, Georgina M

Looking for something to do on a rainy Sunday in Wales with choices restricted to hiking or browsing bookshops, the national showcaves for central Wales got top vote.
Set in the middle of a Dinosaur Park it offers 3 caves - Dan-yr-Ogof, Cathedral Cave and Bone Cave.
Dan-yr-Ogof was discovered using candle lights as torches inĀ  in 1912 by two brothers - Tommy and Jeff Morgan. The original enterance is via a river, but visitors are ushered through a less soggy doorway. Many stalagmites, stalactites and a huge rasher of bacon were on show in the large cave, and as you walk through the tunnels you are told about the brothers discovery. Chris chose not to carry the recommeneded emergency torch which was offered but as luck had it, the electricity meter keeping the cave lit didn't cut out.
Cathedral Cave is viewed with a classical soundtrack. The cave is a vast space complete with waterfalls, plastic salamanders and a wedding gazebo for anyone wanting to tie the knot in a unique venue. Visions of couples wearing white welly boots saying 'I do' then shooting through the nearest pothole on a caving honeymoon sprang to mind.
Bone cave, Called such because 40 human skeletons were found along side various Bronze Age artifacts, is not for the tall.
After climbing up a flight of steps, observing a view of the T-Rex, Diplodocus and Pterodactyl (remember the caves are set within a dinosaur park) you have to don a helmet. Even little chris had to stoop to get along the covered walkway, all to enter the tiniest of cavities, not really worth the climb!

To conclude, the two larger caves and the history of the discovery were interesting and worth the visit, however if you are over 5ft tall, crawling into Bone cave would probaly not be worth the effort (and backache)!