Broken Souls and a Quiet Rumble

Mark R, Adam P, Joe R, Lizzie H, Luke N, Tom L

Broken Finger Pot
The day began at Bull Pot Farm, where we had been staying after the usual badger drinking session. A quick trip to Ingleton to pick up some shiny kit left some people feeling a bit worse for wear; but after a quick change of clothing for one person we were on our way to find a cave we had encountered in the aptly named ‘Not for the Faint Hearted’.
A nice vertical stroll later, we arrived at a hole. Discovering a ladder, several metal pipes and, in Adam’s case, what it feels like to have a tackle sack landing on your face, we decided this wasn’t the right place. So we set off to find a large hole in a field full of large holes.
Eventually, we found the right hole. A little bit of a drop led to a T shaped hole in the side of the rock face. This transpired to be the entrance crawl, so Mark set off with Joe in tow. After lots of swearing, I headed in after Joe with Adam following. We soon discovered why we had heard so much swearing. Half hanging, half dangling, we made it to the first pitch head. Which was horrible. Rigging a descender with the top half of your body hanging in the void was different, to say the least. After arriving in what was probably the largest part of the cave, we set off into what looked to be a crab walk. Turns out, it was a sideways crawl that eventually led to a squeeze and a drop. Mark and Joe headed down while I stayed at the top. After it looked like it wasn’t going to get any better, we headed back – much to the relief of everyone. With much blood, sweat, toil and tears, we were greeted at the surface by Adam laughing and a nice sunny afternoon. Beating a swift retreat to the alcohol that awaited us at Bull Pot Farm, everyone seemed to be a little bit quiet.

Rumbling Hole
With the departure of Adam and Sarah, the intrepid explorers set off to find another cave which would hopefully have a little less crawling, and a lot more SRT. Descending into a very beautiful entrance pitch, we speedily made our way through the cave and arrived at the bottom before we knew it. Dodging Lizzie’s SRT kit as it descended a little bit faster than the rest of her, we got out of the cave before she thought of new ways to kill us all. Speedy derigging and a gentle stroll to the car meant we were in and out in about 4 hours. Not too shabby!

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