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BBPC Gaping Gill and other Yorkshire adventures


The evening started with the usual LUPC and BBPC faffage as I realised I had not collected some of the equipment we needed for the weekend. After a quick stop in B66 I set off to meet Adam and Sarah in Warrington. We set off for the quick and largely uneventful trip up to the YSS hut, the satnav however had other plans for us as it set us in a never ending loop round the Yorkshire countryside. We arrived at the hut and headed straight to the pub were the locals let on that they had been researching us on the internet and noted that we had already be entered into the drinking league for caving clubs....  Eventually after Adam had offered to swap dresses with the bar maid a number of times Tom, Simon and Chris A joined us and we headed to the hut to set up. After a bit of exploring and a lot of alcohol Chris decided to cook some food despite the pleas he was insistent that the 6 of us could eat 1Kg of Couscous and 12 sausages.

We woke to find Adam and Sarah missing from their bunk and soon found out they had been blown down the corridor by the power of Chris’s snoring. Adam and Sarah presently set about breakfast and we soon were ready to get underway with the minimum of faffing. We arrived and sat in the cars until the cave-o-matic (Mark R), Frodo (Chris H) and Ben arrived. We were all very surprised to see that mark, contrary to popular belief, is not always hung-over when he arrives at a cave. We soon set off on the walk towards the cave quickly followed by the photography crew.
After sorting the equipment Mark sent Chris A, Simon, Tom and I down Small Mammal with a selection of different ropes and some rough instructions which included that it goes down and there might be 2 pitches we set off with lots of confidence of beating the others to the bottom. After adding a knot pass to the end of the first rope I carried on hunting for the way on I soon found a small squeezey hole which looked like it could lead to a bigger space and another pitch. I pushed myself through and left the tackle sack for Tom to pass down just in case it was a dead end I soon found some more P-bolts and was happy that we were making quite good progress and hadn’t got lost. After a bit a scare from some large falling rocks I headed down and continued to explore after about 30mins crawling and squeezing I decided to check what was happening behind me and was surprised to see Simon and hear the news that Tom had got wedged and Chris and he were coming in the other way. Simon and I then carried on in our exploration adventure with Simon crawling into increasingly small holes and me sitting and watching providing ever useful encouragement. I then remembered I had seen a large ish passage in the other direction and we headed off in search of the next pitch head. We arrived to see another caving club ascending the main pitch in Bar Pot and Simon and I soon decided that we would rig another way down to ease the traffic on the way out and to give us something to do. We rigged a slightly wet route and then headed down the passages to the main chamber after bumping into an excited Frodo, Adam and Ben we described small mammal and the decided to de-rig it from the top rather than fiddle with all the squeezey bits. As Simon and I entered the main chamber I was shocked by the sheer volume of water entering the cave and the noise it was creating we had a quick bit of the coffee mark and the photography crew had made and headed back towards the entrance. After a much quicker exit from the cave we arrived at the surface and suddenly realised that the keys to all the cars were with Chris who was busy de rigging the cave. Feeling more than a little perturbed we huddled round to avoid the wind and rain and were soon joined by the cave-o –matic and a slightly cross Frodo and Ben it was then that I remembered not attaching the tackle sack to the end of the rope, feeling a little bit of a fool I joined the others in the walk back to the cars. After a cold walk we arrived at the cars and waited for the others to arrive with the keys. After a quick change we headed back to the hut to a much needed meal which Sarah thankfully had under control.
The evening continued with the standard levels of drinking that have come to be expected from BBPC weekends. After leaving the pub at 2 we headed back to the hut to practice our caving games and continue the drinking. Unfortunately the games we decided to play proved more than a little noisy, this seemed to anger some of the other members of the caving community so we decided to subdue our games a little and set about making a 3 dimensional web of sellotape and string. We soon after decided it was probably time for bed and Chris set about dismantling the web using a spinning and flailing method which proved very effective.

We woke to the news that after years of abuse Mark R’s car had finally decided to fight back and was refusing to act like a normal car. After a bit of faffing and a lot of laughing Mark decided it was a job for the RAC who also apparently found it amusing that a car could go so wrong. It was soon time for Adam, Sarah and myself to head home. A thoroughly good weekend and an enjoyable if not a little cold days caving