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A Giant moon and another new caver!

Mark R, Adam P, Simon B, Chris A, Sarah Mullane

We awoke once again on Robbie’s floor after a heavy night in the Red lion and Robbie’s kitchen. Almost like Christmas morning all over again, a jolly blonde man had left some presents for us- an MTDE Sherpa tackle bag for me and a 1W LED upgrade for Adam’s duo (which he later proclaimed to be rather fantastic), thanks Tony Seddon! (http://www.starlessriver.com/shop/ )

With no time for breakfast and feeling a little groggy, Adam, Simon and I set off to meet the others at Giants.

Sarah was joining the Badgers as a guest for the day and was about to experience caving for the first time. We reluctantly kitted up in damp oversuits in the biting wind and were soon stomping into the cave. We got to Garlands and rigged a ladder and lifeline which Sarah negotiated with amazing ease, given that she was a complete novice! The trip down the crab walk was a fairly wet one but went without mishap, it didn’t take Sarah very long to understand where it gets it’s name!

3 of us had done the cave only once before to the bottom so we managed to miss one turning and poked around at the entrance of a very wet looking dig for a bit but were soon back on track and on our way through the windpipe. The ducks were very, very wet and especially cold but still good fun and before we knew it we were back at the ladder. This was passed very quickly and before we even knew it we were back at the cars, rapidly changing to get out of the wind. By this point the hangovers had worn off and Adam felt well enough to pull a moony next to the ‘giants hole’ sign for a rather special photograph!!

Sarah seemed to enjoy the trip and was even talking about coming back again, possibly as the newest member of the Buttered Badgers… watch this space.

A fantastic way to wash away the alcoholic haze of the night before.