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The last trip of 2010 - Boxhead Pot

Tim Allen, Robbie Shone, Mark Richardson

Although not strictly a Badger trip, it’s definitely worth a quick write up. I went up to the Dales for the morning of New Years Eve and met up with Tim, Robbie and Gina at about 10:30. Because I got to Ingleton early, I went to the café and had breakfast then popped over to Tim’s house. Little did I know that they were waiting for me to arrive before going for breakfast so I went back to the café again for a second cup of tea!

Tim Robbie and I packed up and left for Boxhead Pot whilst Gina and Jane slaved away in the kitchen preparing for the New Years party.

I had never been down boxhead pot before so was looking forward to the trip. The entrance pitches were fantastic, deep, wet and vertical- a great combination! At the bottom of the cave, there were several digs; Tim took us to Venus to start with where we took a photo at the dig face, a small phreatic tube filled with mud and sand. After a portion of the wall had collapsed, we spent a while there getting a picture in the very tight confines of the tube. Once done, we went down to a lower part of the cave to try and scrape a channel out of the mud where a small stream ran, the hope is that with the water level lowered a little, the passage out of which the stream ran may lower enough to get in. Robbie took another photo at the stream and we headed out, stopping to take a picture near the top. We weren’t underground for very long but it was a great trip and a very interesting cave with lots of potential.

Back at Tim and Jane’s house, we had a great New Year’s Eve party with lots of talk of future caving adventures, Gina and Jane’s cooking was very gratefully received by all and we saw in 2011 with great style!

See  http://www.shonephotography.com/?p=1608  for Robbie's pictures and his take on the day.

Mark R