Eldon Hole Photography

Mark W, Mark R & Tim N.

Today saw Mark Wright,Mark (president) Richardson and Tim Nixon descend Derbyshires finest and largest open pothole. After a relativley quick change into caving gear and a few minutes fettling photo equipment the trio made brisk progress and were soon contemplating the route of descent.
Mark R was keen for rigging the eastern route followed by Mark W adjusting the ropes as he went. A large snow block from last winter was still at the bottom of the main shaft just before the foul crawl through into the main chamber.

The main chamber has various dig sites , the lure of the lower shaft and streamway reported by Lloyd in 1780 (but not seen since)being the driving force behind these. All three cavers ascended into new Eldon series via a 13m climb to photo the well decorated passageway discovered by the EPC in April 1964 according to the carbide graffiti on the walls. After a couple of hours trial and error photography Mark R's hands were getting cold plus his Mum was expecting him home for his tea at 5.00pm.

A quick exit was made ,Mark tried to warm his hand up by allowing bangers to nearly blow up in his hand in a failed attempt to throw them at Tim while he was still on the ropes. All in all a good way to spend a 3 hours on a Sunday...the Copper Dragon golden pippin beer in the Devonshirre Arms Peak Forest was excellent, an even better way to spend an hour on a sunday.

By Tim Nixon

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