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Return to the Well Known Mineshaft

 Mark W, Mark R, Robbie S, Gina M.

Tonight saw myself, Mark Wright, Robbie Shone and Gina Mosely meeting at 7:30 at the farm where the ‘well known Derbyshire lead mine’ lives. We changed and walked over the fields to the shaft top and got the ropes rigged (still using the rope with a knot pass 3m above the floor)!

Once we were all down, we diverted the stream away from where it sank into the floor and ran down onto the third pitch and popped down to the ‘dig face’ to see if we could convince Robbie and Gina that it was a worthwhile project.

Since our last visit (only a few days before) the level had completely filled up with rubble washed in down the shafts!

On the way out, we had a good look around for places to stack the rubble and discussed ways to restrain the piles of gravel we would be pulling out- Maccaferri mesh, M8 rawl bolts and home-made hangers seem to be the order of the day.

No tea this time but we did manage a couple of pints in Castleton before coming home.

Verdict: Robbie remains to be convinced but Gina seemed willing to help start the new dig!

Mark R