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AGM Weekend

Mark R, Chris H, Adam P, Robbie S, Georgina M, Chris A, Evil Tom (aka Tom L), Tom Hughes, Lizzy, Mark Kerstin, Maddy
30-31st October 2010

By Evil Tom

Upon arrival at the sett, all of the badgers decided to have a little tipple and a good time at Mark’s house. All except Joe, who had a ‘better offer’ that night. As more badgers arrived and more alcohol was consumed (including the entirety of a rather large keg), people’s attention turned to cars. From laughing at T-Dog and Ben for how they ‘fixed’ their cars, to Mark uncovering his pride and joy (his car, not something else) and trapping someone in the inspection pit. Eventually, it dawned on people that we would have to do stuff the next day, so slowly people started to go to bed.

As people drifted back into consciousness, their thoughts turned to food. After a breakfast of truly epic proportions, we all headed to famous-cave-photographer’s house in Litton. All except Chris, who broke down after a mile and had to be towed back to Mark’s by a BMW diesel. Eventually, we all arrived in Litton. After inspecting the place that we would be causing havoc in later, we decided to go for a little walk. We met Joe at the foot of Mam Tor, and decided to go to the top. After several declarations of ‘walking is shit’ from several people, the intrepid explorers arrived at the summit. After chavving it up by wearing our hoods up and a vain attempt to rescue a kite from the edge of a cliff, we took a rather unorthodox route through a gully back to the cars. We returned to Litton and started drinking. Except Joe, who had to pick up some stuff from Mark’s house, including Lizzie, who missed her stop on the train.

By Chris H

A long drive by myself and Georgina was met with beer and pizza at Badger HQ. The rest of the evening was spent with a beer in hand, chatting and finishing last minute jobs before the AGM on Saturday.

Waking up reasonable refreshed at the bottom of Marks bed the thought of pork product started to come to everyones minds. As bodies were assembled in the kitchen of Badger HQ, teas were brewed, sausages sizzled, bacon fried, hash browns heated and eggs dropped on the floor. More Tea Vicar!

The morning rapidly disappeared and we headed to Robbie's for more tea. After tea we went for a jaunt over to Mam Tor to gaze lovingly at the turbiditic rock formations and the remains of a well slumped road. It was my first time to the top of Mam Tor and I quite enjoyed the view out over Castleton and the surrounding area. Joe finally joined us after which we went back to Litton to prepare for the AGM.

Robbie had had the thoughtful idea of hiring out Litton Village Hall which turned out to be a great venue for our first AGM. Enough tables and chairs for us and I suspect the WI and their cakes. Projector was set up sweets and beers moved into place. Before we could commence proceedings quite a bit of faffage was required. People had to be picked up from stations, gear collected from cars/houses, fish and chips collected, and of course pumpkins carved.

Once everything was done however we all sat down for the first ever BBPC AGM. For a run down of events see the minutes.

Robbie gave us a great slideshow of the Vercor Berger trip from earlier in the year and of course more beer was drunk. After the AGM was over we then got dressed up for our visit to the pub. Being Halloween we had to don costumes and more beer before making our way over the road to drink yet more beer. I'm not ntirely sure what time we left the pub but it was after a lot of beers and crawling through chairs and sometime after Joe laddered his tights.

I woke to the sound of Tea being made and Chris A asking where the nearest cafe was. It took me a while to get going for some reason. Can't think why. Anyhow late into the morning we were marched to the cafe up mountain, down dale, across river, over styles - just imagine a Frodo-esk adventure - by Robbie. A long queue snaked its way into the cafe and we prepared ourselves for a long wait for tea and bacon butties (Georgina stepped up the game with black pudding and sausage). After which we wandered not quite so urgently back to Robbies for more Tea. We finally mobilised with some going home, some going caving and others (Robbie, Georgina and I) toddling off for a walk into the countryside.

All in all a very good weekend with plenty of tea drunk.

By Liz H

On Sunday we all awoke after a lovely nice sleep on some flagstones and discovered that Evil Tom had deflated Maddie’s airbed during the night and that Joe had acquired two men’s numbers written on beermats. We had a lot of tea and then walked through some fields and cows to find food. When we arrived at the cafe it was full so the kids sat outside and the adults sat inside. Then we walked back through some fields (the cows had gone) to get more tea at Robbie’s. Eventually we were ready to seize the day and split into three groups to go “walky walky, cavey cavey or scrambly scrambly” to directly quote Mark. Mark, Ben, Tom H, Joe, Chris A and I all went scrambly scramblying and ended up at an unspecified quarry where we tutted at some climbers with no helmets on. Mark, Joe, Chris A and I also built a dry stone wall house that was even big enough for Mark to live in! (if he was happy spending all his time at home in a crouched position with no possessions and no fourth wall). Tom H fannyed around taking photos and Ben, who has the attention span of a two-year-old, got bored after about a minute and spent the rest of the time hitting rocks with a stick or trying to hit us with rocks he threw from above. On the way home we stopped to get petrol, Mark flirted with the checkout girl (standard) and we got cake. We went back to Robbie’s, met the walky walkers and ate cake (with more tea). Then we went to find the cavey cavers and all went home.