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Digging Somewhere in Derbyshire

Mark R, Tim N, Mark Wright
Saturday 2nd October 2010

10:30 am (and not a minute earlier) saw the three of us at a farm somewhere in Derbyshire with the intention of popping down a well known mineshaft with 2 aims-

  • Complete a small bolt climb up into the roof of a chamber to look at a ‘mysterious black hole’
  • secondly to assess the possibility of digging a choked level.
    Whilst Mark W kitted up with his drill and bolting kit, Tim and I got the brewing kit out and got a pan on straight away, sat back, relaxed and proceeded to watch Mark bolt his way up the wall to the hole. He was using small 8mm Hilti bolts and others by a different manufacturer, bolting went very quickly and Mark found the hole to be just a small solution pocket in the roof of the vein- you never know until you look!

By the time he got back down, there was a second brew on and we all sat around with the pot mugs enjoying the tea and chatting. Tea done we went off down a couple of small pitches in fast flowing water to look at the choked level. It had filled nearly to the roof but the water disappeared down through the floor and off to… well, ho knows where! Getting only slightly damp we got back to the brew room and sat around for a while again before heading out of the large entrance shaft, Tim managed the pitch in just over 130 jugs, I did it in 110- aiming for 100 next time.
4 hours underground, about 2 of which were spent drinking tea…. now that’s what I call a caving trip!

Possible dig ??.. Possibly!