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Giants Hole- "look Mum, No Hands"

Steve Turnbull, Mark W, TomTom, Mark R

It’s a sad endorsement of your chosen sport when getting changed in the sunlight is both a novelty and a notable highlight but there we go, that is caving.

The four of us were underground for just before 7 with 5 empty tackle bags between us (two of them biggun’s). We raced down the Crab Walk unimpeded by our minimal loads and Steve led the way to North Rift where various digging projects have been focused in the past. I was dismayed to find that there was some crawling required to get there but it was mercifully short and before I knew it we were stood over the small sump pool at the end.

I dug the hacksaw out of the bag and set to work shopping up everything in sight that didn’t belong there. Tens of metres of hose pipe, big plastic pipe, bang wire, rope, drag trays, wood and even a length of 4” clay pipe(!?). We only just managed to squeeze everything from the 20m or so of rift into the 5 bags and the four of us set off back out, each muttering something about what a good way to ruin a perfectly good caving trip.

Most bags were quite heavy, I particularly enjoyed the challenge of getting back up the Crabwalk with two bags meaning I did the entire thing without using my hands- elbows and shoulders were employed in enthusiastic fashion. We were all back at the cars for just after 9, changed and at the pub with enough time for a couple of pints.. brilliant J

All in all another good clean up trip but I think next week we will have a short break doing something else before moving on to another piece of littered cave.

Mark R