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Mammoth journey

Adam P, Chris H, Mark R, TomTom

As is tradition it all started on the Friday with cheese and gin, plus a spot of technological assistance for Jane and her new electronic gizmos. The night was finished off when Mark received a pint of gin, bed!

The morning was slightly numbed but otherwise we were all in good shape and ready for the gigantic cave that lay ahead. Breakfast was had in Inglesport with a noting that the 12.6 million beans to 1 toast ratio had been toned down a little and then we headed back to Tim and Jane's to collect Janex2 for the day ahead.

We didn't really know how much of Valley entrance we'd get to survey so we took a ladder for the pitch just in case and set off. Jane and Jane sped off to go and play with the fancy new GoPro whilst we sorted out who would do what job with the surveying. I was given the book as obviously I'm the most artistic and we began our survey just inside the entrance tube. Adam originally started with the disto whilst Mark talked me through the various symbols again, sketching out the most accurate cave survey man has ever seen.

Bit by bit we edged along the twisting entrance passage of the cave with a reasonable degree of success until there was a call from Jane to come be GoPro models. We didn't entirely take this seriously and ended up creating several clips of how not to cave. Chris swapped onto the disto after this and we carried on.

It was same old same old for a while until we reached a exciting 18m aven, with the pitch just 4-5 survey stations away. I have no idea how long it took to get to here but it must have been getting on for 2 hours. We decided to go any further would be silly so we made a break for the surface. Just over 450m surveyed, about a 5 minute cave to get out! We redid the very entrance for a few more survey points and then escaped to fresh air.

Back at Tim and Jane's Jane  had made us a yummy meal which started off a slightly random evening. We went to the pub in Kirkby (fairly normal) and then somehow ended up at a bit of a rave at Bull pot farm. Eventually we made it to bed ready for Rift pot tomorrow.

Bon Survey,

Proper survey to follow!