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Chris H, Tom Tom, Mark R
11th January 2014

Despite the rather unusual evening at Bullpot Farm the three Badgers were up with Tim and at the café for around 10. I went to try and buy a Peli Case for our survey gear. Yesterday Ingleton had failed to provide either a survey book or a pair of non-steel toe capped size 12 wellies. Surely someone would have the case I needed? YES- eventually and miraculously someone did and we were set for our short day of survey practice in Rift Pot.

The breakfast and faffing took a suitably long time until 7 or 8 of us were assembled at the entrance to Rift with 2m planks and a scaffold bar in hand. The entrance had obviously been deleted from my memory and there was a point where a call was sent back that the planks didn’t fit so leave them behind. Those couple of minutes of joy were soon shattered though when we got another call back up the line to say that actually they do fit with a bit of persuasion and to bring them through.

We got down into the large lower passage and followed the digging team to their dig site. Having quite a few miles to cover to get home, especially Chris, we didn’t hang around for very long before starting to survey out, giving TomTom a chance to use the instruments and Chris on the book. I had the really difficult job of holding the little square of paper again!

It was a swift journey back to daylight and horizontal rain and an even swifter change into dry clothes. We said our goodbyes to TomTom and Chris and I headed off in the van for a warm, uneventful journey home.

All in all a great weekend, TomTom produced a great survey of Valley Entrance and the three of us made a new year caving resolution… let’s see if we manage to stick to it!

Mark R