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Testing for Damp - Sell Gill exchange

Mark R, Mark K, Lizzy, Adam, Maddie, Luke and Sofie (guest badger).

With 2012 rapidly drawing to a close, we took advantage of our New Years proximity to Ingleton and arranged a spot of light caving in Sell Gill, envisaging a nice exchange between the two entrances.

We awoke to a typical day in the United Kingdom (horizontal rain with moderate flooding) with clear minds and bright eyes (apart from Adam who was blind and self diagnosed with impending death following the previous night of fun) and set about packing our kit at Joe's Nan's place, our temporary HQ for the weekend. We even kitted out Sofie (our guest) with a respectable amount of metal work and fury clothing.

Stopping only for a quick faff in Ingleton, where Joe, Becky and Sarah left us for a climb indoors, we were parking up for the suit dance by 1pm. During this Daddy badger extolled his theory of differential caver, noting the speed with which the old lags were suited up verses the newer recruits, the older hands having learned the fine art of streaking outdoors long ago.

A short vertical walk up a hill and we found the dual cave entrances (wet to the left, dry to the right). Adam, Mark R and Maddie volunteered for the wet entrance leaving the rest to rig the dry.

A cursory inspection of the wet entrance confirmed its name was accurate, with Adam and Mark taking turns to inspect the way on with worried looks. Following Adam's near drowning, captured on film kindly by Mark, we decided to bravely run away and join the other group. Luke and Mark lead the rigging and soon we were through the first couple of pitches. This was Sofie's first SRT trip but you couldn't tell, she quickly mastered the technique and was sliding down ropes like a pro.

At the bottom of the last pitch we found the end of the "wet entrance" and agreed that it probably wasn't the best way to go, water pounding the floor and drenching all around.

We had a quick explore to the end of the cave where all we found were flooded passages and soggy ends. Calling it a day we headed out, with Luke and Adam de-rigging. A nice efficient trip, we were back up top by 5pm and chased the sun down the hill to the cars where Mark's theory was further tested while Luke complained for being surrounded by women stripping off. The horrors.

Back to the house we found Joe, Becky and Sarah knocking together an excellent roast and preparing for the New Years fun (much opening of bottles). Much fun ensued until the wee hours, a special mention to Lizzy for her drinking efforts.

HAPPY NEW YEAR and up the badgers!!