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Rave in a Cave Returns - BBPC AGM 2012


This year saw the third ever Buttered Badger AGM held in Derbyshire. The 2012 AGM followed the same, highly successful formula as the previous years- get a very large sound system, some barrels of beer, lots of halloween decorations, people in silly costumes and rendez-vous at a top secret underground location somewhere in the Peak District!

A group of 9 Badgers spent Saturday morning recovering from the 'pre-AGM party' party and collecting various supplies and bits of equipment from the shops and other places around and about and loading them all into a borrowed van. We spent about 5 hours dragging it underground and setting up the party chamber before being joined by another van load or two of people and settling into our temporary sett for the night.

The actual AGM part of the evening was traditionally brief- minutes are available here - and we were soon down to some serious cave raving. Ben had done a blinding job with the play list and with the help of some more fantastic Frodsham beers, the party was soon in full swing. We were joined a bit later on by several guests, some of whom were not Badgers themselves but never the less had a great time judging by the enthusiasm with which they all attacked the dance floor- glow sticks in hand :)

We all partied into the early hours of the morning and gradually filtered down to the local cafe for a well needed breakfast before beginning the tidy up operation. Fortunately there were quite a few left to help with the tidying and within about 3 hours the venue was as good as new.

We all left to go our separate ways, looking forward to next years which promises to be even better.....