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BrackenBottom Weekend

Tom H, Becky T, Joe R, Mark R, Lizzie H, Tom L, Sam A, Simon B, Ed D, Luke N, Ryan S, Shane H and Freshers
13/14th Oct 2012

LUPC/BBPC weekend in Brackenbottom

It was typical dark evening as I left Joes flat with a car load of food. After resisting the temptation to just drive home and OD on hash browns I drove to Evil Toms evil lair. Brackenbottom is quite easy to get to and after a relatively short time hooning I arrived at the hut. It was like it had almost been planned as several of our cars all seemed to arrive at the same time from different directions, it was a un-nerving start to the weekend.

We were sharing the hut with Newcastle uni (their potholing club not the whole uni fortunately) so proceeded to show them how evenings are supposed to be spent. We had intimate moments with a sling and breeze block and I even managed to remove Ed's trousers as he traversed me, all in all a successful evening.

As per usual on these trips we awoke some time after the agreed time, fortunately team breakfast was already up food was almost waiting for us as we headed down. A quick snack later and we were heading for the monster cave that is long churn.

There was the usual faffage in the getting changed stage, I'd possibly even claim more than usual which for those who know is no mean feat. The usual slog up to the entrance followed and we were soon sitting by the entrance looking vaguely ready for action.

We split up into two groups, Team Hypothermia (lead by Simon, Ed and myself, joined by new recruit Evil and 3 freshers. I'm not sure why LUPC trusts us with freshers still but oh well), and Team Tepid. Our team decided to do Upper first then go catch up with the others who would hopefully be mostly down then back up the dolly tubs pitch.

Upper long churn went well with only mild moistness occuring and not one case of lying down for a quick kip. Happy with our success we lead our freshers into lower long churn and eventually the Cheese Press. Team Tepid had mostly completed their SRT so after only mild faffage in the Cheese Press (with total success in getting through) we went to go steal their ropes.

Since I have been down that pitch more times than I have been caving I defected to Team Tepid to lead them back to Upper long churn and then introduce them to Wilsons (mwah ha ha). After more success in the Cheese press and only a mild loss of Becky I was in Upper again. We climbed out of the waterfall at the other end and headed in the vague direction of Wilsons. It's actually quite easy to find and once we were all in I lead the way along the extremely easy cave, keeping to myself how it ends.

Several minutes later I lead team now not so Tepid out of the very wet squeeze and into the sunshine and a waiting Evil and Lizzie. Since we were now all soaked it was time to head back to the cars for warmth.

The evening was spent cooking food and stealing sofa's off the Newcastle lot until we had full control of the lounge, aren't we nice :)

Sunday was another latish one but we again had more breakfast that most small countries have awaiting us. We were off to do Calf holes today before shooting off in our many directions. it was decided that everyone would be going in the same direction this time, all going down stream that is.

I watched the guys rig for a bit before wandering off to see where the green lane actually goes beyond where I usually get to see. The answer is it just gets muddy and windy. By the time I had returned there were still people going down into the cave.

Everyone was out about an hour after the last person went in and everyone was soon back at the car making plastic bags heavy with wet clothes.

All in all a successful weekend helping out LUPC. As a bonus we got to see Lukes new pimp wagon to, bonus :)


TomTom x