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Shep Pot and Boundary pot

Mark Richardson, Mark Sims, Tim Allen, Sam Allshorn and others..
8th and 9th Sept 2012

Saturday (and Friday night)
I arrived in the Dales Saturday night to another of Jane's beautiful home cooked meals- ace! Tim and I inevitably ended up at the pub chatting about future adventures and the weekends caving.

Mark met us at Inglesport on Saturday morning for a customary cavers breakfast and we were soon on our way up to Leck Fell to visit Shep Pot, a new pothole Tim, Mick, Kevin, Frank and Joe have all been digging for the last couple of months. I won’t go into too much detail- look out for more information in the upcoming issues of Descent but they have managed to work their way down to a respectable chamber decorated with some spectacular formations. Mark, Tim, Frank, Mick and Hugh set about the dig and spent several hours hauling buckets out of the hole, chasing that enticing black triangle. After we had all rotated positions in the dig, Hugh did a quick sonar survey out and the rest of us hung around whilst I took some photos (again- look out for the official report in Descent)!

We had a quick stop in the pub on the way home and arrived back at Tim and Jane’s to find Sam ruining the rice. After yet another great meal we sat around looking at satellite photos of our prospective area in PNG and discussing broad plans for the future expedition… once more, inevitably, we ended up in the pub.

The aim for the day was to help Sam out in Boundary pot. Sam is part of a small team who have recently managed to extend Boundary by about 70km by connecting it with Ease Gill! J We were at the farm ‘early ish’- well, early for a caving trip in my opinion and underground before mid-day. Boundary is notoriously flood prone and Sam’s reassurances that the water level was half what it was yesterday wasn’t of huge comfort as we squirmed flat out through sections of the entrance series. It was a pretty quick trip to the bottom, stopping on the way to take some photos of some beautiful formations and collect four scaffold poles. We dawdled around at the connection for a while, snapping a few more shots of the chossy cone of hanging death and headed out. Because Sam was so grateful to us all for helping him out, he kindly volounteered to pose for another photo in a waterfall on the way back through the entrance series. I’ll upload the photos once they have been officially published in Sam’s report.

All in all- a superb weekend of caving, digging, carrying scaffold poles and taking photos of some really nice bits of cave.