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It's a Cracker!

Mark R, Tim A, Adam P and Joe R
16th June 2012

Boxhead Pot to Cracker through trip

The trip started off like any other with Adam and I making our way up to Yorkshire in the rain questioning why it always seems to be terrible weather when we go caving. After a quick breakfast in Ingleton we made our way up onto Leck fell ready for a day of photography and caving, thankfully on the way up mark was slowed down by a car in front so we all managed to keep hold of our breakfasts.

We got changed and made the short walk over to the cave the plan was to head in to the system via Boxhead pot take some photographs and head out via the newly dug cracker entrance (a trip which had never been done before!). This being my first trip down Boxhead pot I was very impressed with the first few pitches. Due to the wet weather there was quite a lot of water in the cave but the deviations added by Tim on the way down did a fine job of keeping us all dry. We reconvened on the ledge above the last pitch were Mark and Tim were discussing the best way of taking pictures of the route heading back up cracker. This as always involved lots of looking “dynamic” and hanging just out of waterfalls with flashes and lights. After being assured that they had got a great shot we headed down to look for a wet pipe for me to lie in. Thankfully the wet pipe was to wet so I escaped hypothermia for another weekend.

After taking some more quick snaps of some of Tim’s digs and some very wet pictures of me climbing out we decided to move on and try and take some pictures in a dryer area of the cave. Unfortunately by the time we reached the next photo opportunity the water was starting to have an effect on the electronics. Mark did a little bit of fiddling with his equipment and managed to get the shot Tim wanted so we all headed out.  The squeeze off the last pitch and up the exit of cracker produced the involuntary swearing about tackle sacks and arses that comes to be expected of a BBPC trip and we were out into a fine “summers” day.

All in all a very good round trip and a great new entrance. Thanks again to Tim Allen for guiding us through.