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Fingal's Cave - Isle of Staffa (photo)

Chris Adams, Colin Adams, Anthony Harris
30th May 2012

On the 30th May, after the first night on Anthony’s 34ft Vancouver Yacht, Towarri, we set off from the Ardnamurchan peninsula, UK mainland's western most point, around the Isle of Mull. Without much wind (4-6 kts, Force 1), we travelled under motor round the north coast of Mull with the intention of anchoring off the Isle of Gometra that evening.

After several hours of motoring and porpoise spotting, we had gotten further round Mull than we’d though thanks to assistance of the falling tides, and had an opportunity to land on Staffa to see Fingal’s Cave. Whilst listening to Felix Mendelssohn’s latest releases, Anthony approached Staffa and brought Towarri about as my old man and I got into the tender and begun to row ashore.

The Isle of Staffa’s coast line has a series of columnar basalt formations which lead around the south east side from the landing point to Fingal’s Cave.

Fingal’s Cave is a sea cave which recesses about 50m from the cliff face and has a large mouth of approximately 20m high and 15m across. The walls and roof are made from columnar basalt and the depth of the water within the cave would allow a fairly serious boat/yacht to sail in, providing the water was calm enough to avoid smashing it against the walls and rocks.

Having explored as much as physically possible, we headed back to the tender and rowed out to meet Anthony, then headed north at a bearing of 050 towards a natural cove between Gometra and Ulva for the evening.