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Cold beer, a nice swim and (a little) caving

Adam P

So with the Badgers spread to the four winds in search of new adventures through April, I decided on my own little expedition to the world famous Batu Caves near Kuala Lumpur (just happened to be passing).

After my first week in Malaysia, I set myself the difficult challenge of exploring the perilous Caves during the weekend.  Having been out drinking/eating strange food until the wee hours on Saturday, enjoyed a nice lie in on Sunday and following the traditional breakfast of “deep fried squid in a spicy pepper sauce”, it was time to get cracking.

The trip to the cave was danger itself, requiring all of my whit and cunning to hail a cab outside the apartment block and asking to be dropped off near the cave, “no trouble” came the response of the cab driver, followed by “you like Manchester United?”.  It would appear that the journey would not be as easy as I’d first hoped.

True to his word, and much talk of “The Reds” later, I arrived 20km away (and £1:50 lighter) at the caves.  The first pitch is said to be the hardest, consisting of some 300 concrete steps guarded by a gaggle of monkeys.  I managed to distract the Monkey’s with some peanuts and a banana and entered the cave, a vast cavern with some strange natural formations, which to the untrained eye appeared to be shops selling a range of local trinkets and bananas for the return journey.  Lighting was provided by four large shafts, and a large number of flood lights.  The cave was surprisingly busy, must been a freshers trip/major religious festival on.

Having mastered the main cavern, I had an appetite for more, so had a crack at the “dark cave”, so called because of the lack of light (or some such).  The dark cave is a local nature reserve for bats so access is by tour guide only (dam).  Never the less, a good tour it was, the guide pointing out “flow stone”, “naturals” and “piles of bat poo”.  An hour later I was back on the Monkey BroadWalk making a dash for the entrance and the nearest ice cream shop (25m south by south west as you ask).

Batu Caves – Done. 

 An excellent if difficult cave with the odd squeeze (at one point I could almost touch the ceiling with an out stretched hand) and rounded off nicely with a bit of a swim and a few cold beers.

 Up the Badgers. – Photos to follow