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Oxlow Quickie

Joe R, Becky T, Kat S, Kirsty, Adam P

After a beautifully sunny Friday, we of course awoke on Saturday to rain and wind.  Adam Joe and Becky set off early from Liverpool in a lowered Mini (a lot of random kit and Adam's fat bum), stopping in Hope for a spot of breakfast and 15 litres of tea.  Following a breakfast of very high price to pork ratio, Kat and Kirsty (a guest badger for the day) arrived and we head for the hills.

Having had a crack at Oxlow many years previously, I volunteered to take up the rear and left Joe to lead/rig with supportive comments/criticisms from the rest of the group.  The entrance pitch was as cosy as I recalled, I made a mental note not to have a tackle sack with me on the way back out.

Kat and Kirsty had requested a dry cave so they didn't end up with wet clothes for Sunday's cave, this we provided, right up until the point we got lost near the end of the cave which resulted in me crawling along a very wet passage for no apparent reason and Kat ending up waist deep in ice cold water.

Cave complete we headed for the surface, despite my best attempts, I ended up lugging a big tackle sack and a load of metal work out of the entrance pitch and was greeted on the surface by every sheep in Derbyshire seemly barrr-ing in unison.  A quick spot of   voyeurism next to the main road and we shot down down to Castleton for a Pint in the Cheshire, we then left for Liverpool while Kat and Kirsty settled down for a night in the back of a van.

Good cave and good fun........ more soon.