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Alum Pot

Adam P, Lizzy H, Joe R, Luke N, Becky T, E.Tom


Another Saturday, another early start and bleary drive ‘tup North. Taking due consideration of health and safety requirements, several members of the team had met the evening before to agree our approach, transfer the contents of B66 into the back of Adam’s car and try to drink ourselves silly (surprisingly, only Becky managed this!).

Knowing Alum Pot to be popular, we divided ourselves into two groups, Adam, Joe and Evil led group “depressed lemmings”, Lizzy and Nuke group “suicidal tendencies”, with the Freshers split evenly. The Lemmings opted to use the Diccan entrance, “suicidal Tendencies” for Alum.

In initial reccie of Diccan showed it to be classified as “Sporting ++” due to recent rainfall and Joe “pansy” Robinson decided it best to find another way on. Adam and Joe went to rig the main shaft into Alum with a handy 80m rope we had, while the rest of group Lemming joined the others (now renamed “Suicidal Lemming”).

The main shaft was rigged in short order, allowing for a very impressive decent down a sun lit shaft with plenty of water pouring down the sides. After a few photographs were taken, we chucked a bit more rope down some holes to bottom the cave, at which point we were glad to have given DIccan a miss judging from the amount of water pouring from it. Shortly afterwards the Lemmings popped in and were shown the remainder of the cave.

Cave done, we all headed out, Joe, Tom and Adam opted for the 80m pitch, the rest for a more leisurely re-tread of their way in, with a diversion for the cheese press. A quick change by the road before the rain caught up with us then off to Ingleton for some chips and beer.

A good day all round with no incidents (Adam definitely didn’t drive over his own parcel shelf or break the back seat of his car) and a few passable photographs.

Bring on the next challenge!!