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Nettle pot- "it's somewhere in this big field"!

Liz H, Luke N, Ryan S, Shane (from Westlife) Mark R
Saturday 11th Feb

Feeling quite the worse for wear from the previous evening’s Birthday celebrations, Liz and I met up with the other 3 at the Woodbine Café, We wolfed down a breakfast and headed up the hill to find Nettle Pot, to try an give Shane and Ryan a taste for a dangly cave. We were changed pretty quickly, I think the sub-zero temperatures had something to do with that! The five of us trotted on up the hill to where I remembered Nettle to be… I remembered it was petty obvious when you were in the right place but unfortunately, the hard snow had other ideas- we all walked backwards and forwards in the field searching the ground for a square hatch but to no avail! I thought that a draught out of the cave would have melted the snow around the hatch but there was no sign of it anywhere. Eventually, after a good 10 or 15 minutes, Luke spotted a tiny sliver of black under the snow- it was the handle for the lid… thank god!

Luke kitted up and after one or two false starts was down the cave rigging down to the top of Elizabeth’s shaft. Fittingly, Lizzy then rigged Elizabeth’s and we all slid down to the bottom of the cave, had a quick look around and headed out. Before leaving, we stopped for a quick photograph near the entrance and then emerged into the late afternoon and began to freeze solid. The walk back to the car was particularly exciting, it’s amazing how much speed you can get up sliding down an icy hill on the bum of your caving suit!

We finished the day off with a quick drink in Hope.