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Berger Badgers Peak Prep

Adam P, Liz h, Joe R, Mark R

Saturday night was the last opportunity for the Badgers who are going off to the Berger in a weeks time to all get together with our new York University friends to chat about the cave, pack some bags and drink some beer together. Unfortunately, when we arrived all the bag packing had been done (shame) and the 18 yellow Petzl tackle bags were all proudly lined up against the wall and filled with labelled lengths of rope and the correct number of hangers for each section of pitches.

When we all woke up on Sunday morning, there were a surprising few hangovers. We had some barbequed bacon sandwiches and all set off to Castleton for a trip down Peak Cavern. When we eventually all found somewhere to park, we met up at the TSG and got ready. Martin (not sure of his surname) and Jess Eades were going to act as our guides for the day and there were a few others tagging along for the trip.

We got through the show cave and split into 2 teams for a round trip of several of the Peak system sumps. I have done a similar trip once before with the Badgers but we saw a couple of new bits, getting very wet on the way!

We had a good laugh as we went through and most of it was new for nearly all of our group so it was thoroughly enjoyed by all involved.

Thanks to Jess for explaining where every passage and turning, every stream and trickle of water goes!