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Mark W's Rowter Hole Dig Continues

Mark R, Mark W, Robbie S, Tim Allen
28th Oct 2010

Racing back from Kent I sped up to the secret Mine in the Eldon Hill area (not in the quarry!) to collect the nice thick, comfy hauling rope to use in Rowter. I got to Rowter and down the shaft at just before 8 to find the other three fighting a torrent of water issuing from Hypothermia Passage. The water had moved the pipes we had in place previously and was running through the floor into the dig. It had ruined Robbie’s wall between the two small pitches but had fortunately not washed too much down to the dig.
The only way we could think of to divert the water at the time was to use what was left of the big blue sheet which looked very unsightly but seemed to take the majority of the flow away from the dig. Once this was up, we left for an early visit to the pub to discuss ways to permanently divert the water…. To be continued...