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Rowter digging and camera games

Rowter Hole Dig
Mark W, Robbie and Gina, Mark R.
13th Oct 2010

Tonight once again saw myself, Mark W, Robbie and Gina at Rowter farm (which is no longer a secret) at 0700.
Robbie had a camera to try out for a magazine (see his website- www.shonephotography.com) , I had a roll of rock fall netting and 2 buckets and Mark had a 10’ long plastic pipe!
We made our way down the mine without any knot passes and immediately set about trying to find a more permanent and aesthetically pleasing way of diverting the water away from the dig. We removed the plastic sheet and managed to replace it with a couple of small bits to create little pools and joined them up with lengths of plastic pipe which were already lying around down there. Whilst we were working, Robbie was taking photos and within half an hour or so we had a decent diversion rigged up.
Next Mark and I went down to the bottom of the second pitch to where we will be stacking the dug material in an abandoned stope and Mark rigged a bolt for the bucket and pulley. I swapped over the drill bit and began placing rawl bolts and home made angle iron hangers (Vercor 2009 vintage) to hold the mesh panel in place to retain all the spoil. Once the bolts were in, 7 in total, we placed the mesh in the passage and threaded a steel cable through the periphery of the panel and through the hangers, finally bulldogging it together at about half height. As the stacking space fills up, we can place another couple of bolts and extend the mesh panel up to a total height of 2m.
A few trial lifts with one of the badly broken, flimsy buckets gave Robbie the opportunity to take the last couple of photos he needed and we all headed out for a late pint at the Bowling Green in Bradwell.