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Basically summer

Chris A, Jack O, Rachael D, TomTom

Jack, Rachael and myself left Liverpool at a positively early 3.30pm and so arrived at Rowter in daylight, this is a odd feeling for me for an evening trip, it basically means summer. The plan was to show Jack and Rachael Rowter down to decisions decisions. I'd not been down for 2 months and with no Mark in sight I needn't fear of what I'd be made to carry out.

Chris was late (/on time since we were early) and we made a good effort of faffing our way over to the shaft, reducing how early our early start was. Jack wanted to rig so off he went, sometime later he came back up as the rope didn't reach the Y-hang. A spot of rigging re-jigging and he tried again. It's amazing how the Liverpool 20m is about 5m shorter than Marks 19m rope....

It was chuffing freezing on the surface in the wind so we just got into the shaft as quick as possible. The second rope thankfully was 60m as advertised, although it did seem a lot less static than other ropes. By the time we'd dealt with the falsely advertised ropes our early start was not early so it was time to press on.

 I think this was Christophs first time down here since the clean up so there was something new for most of the party this trip, and with a quick talk to Jack about what we did down here for so long (Cheeseboards, tea, cake, occasional digging) we set off down Gin shaft and through Fosters faith. It's actually quite fun worming your way through when you think about it, especially when all you have is yourself.  With a spot of traditional encouragement for Rachael, "do what you're doing just better", we were past the free climb and onto Bad Badger choke.

By the time we had gotten to the top of two left wellies there were some pretty heavy murmurs of pub and minimal excitement for the entrance climb out so we decided to split up briefly. I would take Jack down for a whistle-stop tour of decisions decisions, and Chris and Rachael would begin their accent out. Jack set off first and I followed him on as the other two returned.

We didn't really hang around much it seems as we got down to decisions decisions, had a quick tour and then headed out in time to catch up the motley two at the entrance shaft with Rachael learning the joys of a pantin.

Jack wanted to de-rig so that saved me all the effort, possibly my laziest trip in a while, I see a linking factor.

Nice little trip and nice to say hello to Rowter again.

TomTom xxx