More climbing in Rowter

Mark S, Ben E, Chris H, Mark R

Day one of our weekend of fun started out with a visit to the Climax Cafe and local butcher to stock up for the day ahead and for Henry's party that evening.

The four of us arrived at Rowter Farm to find a field full of caver's cars, most were off down JH but there were three from SUSS who were just leaving for a look at the end of the new stuff in Rowter. We, of course, were there for Rowter too but Mark S was going to have a bash at some bolt climbing in Sunrise. It was exciting having Ben with us. Despite helping out with digging and relentless hauling at Gin shaft he hadn't been through Bad Badger Choke and seen the new bits yet. We made good, steady time to the end behind the guys from SUSS all the way and after some rock dodging on the slopes in Hourglass we were stood beneath a pair of avens trying to decide which one to go for. We chose to climb the aven highest up the Sunrise slope so after very quick  and basic instruction Mark set off up the wall. To say that this was his first proper go at a vertical aid climb he did extremely well, despite snapping a through bolt at about 8m up! The climb allowed a good look into an alcove on the opposite wall but the aven ended at a too tight rift heading towards the second aven. At least we now know and can cross this one off the list.

We took the opportunity to remove a few bits of rubbish on the way out and remove the two pumps off the walls above the sump for maintenance and some TLC and raced out to the Rockliff bonfire party.

Nettle tomorrow, as told by Chris.

Mark R

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