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Toby and the Astronauts

Mark Sims, Toby Finbar Buxton, Tom Tom, Mark Richardson~

My first trip of 2015- Following on from the last trip up into Alright for Dwarves where we managed to nearly get through One Small Thrutch Mark suggested a re- visit with a secret weapon for the squeeze.. Toby!

It was a fairly swift trip up to the top of Hourglass Aven, the prussick up the waterfall was made much more enjoyable this time by the addition of a waterproof jacket over my caving suit- worked very well J.

Toby managed to slither into the space beyond the squeeze with amazing ease and went off exploring….. it didn’t take long. He relayed what he was seeing to us sat on the other side of the squeeze. It was a really nicely decorated rift about 4m high and less than a metre wide finishing at a 3cm wide crack issuing water. Oh well, at least we now know.

Toby took some video before retreating back through the squeeze and having a poke at the other end of the rift. Nothing there either.

It’s a shame this didn’t go anywhere but at least we now know and can focus our attention elsewhere. On the way out we stopped off at the bottom of the Orechasm for a look at the floor, an interesting and relatively easy dig and definitely high on the list.

We were all out in daylight (weird feeling!) and down to the pub in time for beer and food.

Video here… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8BbOYJhSCOw&feature=youtu.be

And here.. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QzfEZ8jqsqw&feature=youtu.be

Mark R