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Boom Boom

Mark R, Mark W, TomTom

The Liverpool to Rowter journey was fairly pleasant, except for the kamikaze driver who attempted to get a Skoda imbedded in it. Liverpool had been quite nice but Rowter was in full misty/foggy/rain mode. I met Mark and Mark in the field and they seemed disappointed that I would get a choice in what I carried to the hole. As it was I feel I carried too much, but thats mostly due to me being pretty lazy.

Life was much nicer down the shaft and by the time I arrived with my friendly scaffolding the Mark's had already dyed the water out of Hypothermia. We scurried down Gin shaft and then marvelled at the 9ft scaffold bar that made it through Fosters Faith with little more than a nads testicle of spare space.  Much banging and heaving followed and eventually much metal was into the stream area.

I hadn't been down since the scaffolding and wire had arrived so it was a bit of a change for me. The plan for the night was to secured the scaffolding a bit and then proceed with something something. I threw some stones around and propped up some supplies whilst the Marks did their scaffold cutting thing. Once everyone was reasonably close to being happy with the setup it was time to dig. Awkward doesn't really cut the situation but rocks somehow got from the floor to somewhere else. Mark R seemed in his element capping some boulders, and the bang really does sound good in the confined space.

several caps and digging soon produced a hole of depth equivalent to a Richardson, quite the success given the less than ideal working space. The only downer was that there was still no sign of the dye, that and the confusion of where to dig next. There seems to be some sort of corner like thing going on so Mark attempted to cap the corner off. This didn't go entirely to plan but does set us up for where to head next.

It was time to head out now, the dig certainly harder to throw man power at than before, there just simply isn't space. I was peer pressured into carrying the drill out and I can confirm that I do not like that job.

I had nuclear fun to deal with in the morning so I left the Marks to go pubbing  whilst I headed for the safety of home, away from the 2 inch mist visibility.

Toodles until next time

TomTom xxx