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Head scratching

Tomtom, Tim Allen, Mark Wright, Mark R
13th March 2014

Tonight was all about looking around and thinking. We all spent quite a bit of time head scratching and pulling rocks carefully out of the choke.

The shattered pillar on the left just before the choke needs some serious attention before we progress. After a lot of discussion Tim suggested we go over the top of the choke and aim for the next undercut chamber to see if it dropped back down into the rift further on.

We played with the can of spray smoke to try and tie down the draught, it was a tenner from Maplin and well worth it I'd say. Despite this, the air seemed to be doing strange things and following the water down the floor level rift into the boulders.

Mark W went and put the water from Hypothermia back down the old dig the west side of the shaft. The water running into the choke from the west didn't change.. Either it is hypothermia water and it runs under the main shaft and all the way to our choke or it's a new source,

We ferried some materials down and ran for the pub, leaving the crumbly choke without a clear plan of action.

Next trip Saturday.

Mark R