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Just around the corner... And a little bit further

Mark K, Chris H, Adam P, Ben E, Tom H, Maddie D, Chris A, Mark R
1st March 2014

It was an exciting day today.. We were so excited we managed to get underground before 1. The first. Job was to crawl into the rift alongside the pile of loose boulders and drill some pins on the far wall to brace the end of the new 8ft tubes. This was a delicate and somewhat nerve racking operation but as soon as the first two poles were in the place began to feel much more manageable.

It's a good job we had so many people with us because the hauling was non- stop all day. Almost as much scaffolding and boards went into the dig as rock came out but after 3 or so hours we had the place relatively safe feeling and paused for the customary cheese board lunch.

Boarding, scaffolding and digging continued until about 6 and by then we had well and truly made a dent on the new bit of cave. I capped a couple of large boulders and was able to crawl into the left hand continuation of the rift. Lying on the loose packed boulders I edged along a body length and looked down through the loose packed floor. There wasn't a way on but the sound of water was tantalisingly close.

We uncovered two massive stemple sockets on the new wall which is encouraging and gives us a place to dig.

Tomorrow we have a slightly smaller team but the excitement of digging into truly new territory spurred on by the sound of water and the fresh draft will no doubt ensure we get just as much done. Because the actual digging is so quick we stockpile masses of rock and have to wait to clear it before producing more. We will half the bottom of the shaft and create a new board wall for temporary stacking space to help speed the whole thing up. May take the camera down too.

Mark R