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Another ring, another step

Luke, Mark, Evil Tom, TomTom

After skirting through Liverpool and Warrington traffic Luke, evil and I arrived not much later than we had originally planned.  Mark was getting suited up as we arrived and so after several minutes of acting like men and changing in the cold we were ready.

The mud at the farm was back to being mud after a dabbling with being frozen recently so after some trudging Mark rigged the shaft and we all followed him down into the warmth. I was the last to arrive and Mark was already drilling away at boulders happily. A couple of fire in the holes and there was many fragments to be hauled out. We double Tom'd the hauling and attaching to the diagonal tension line  before allowing and vaguely helping Luke hauling the stuff up to dump somewhere around the kitchen. Fortunately the buckets were very full so they were nice and heavy, mark even treated us to a rock net or two or boulders.

We heaved and hauled for getting on for 90 minutes before whimpers of tea could be heard. We left Mark to finish off a bit of drilling (he's happiest that way) whilst we went to prepare tea. Theres nothing more manly that making tea underground whilst someones blowing up things but eventually we had to call for Mark to come join us. The last few trips have seen the kitchen as somewhat of a shower room, but thankfully things seem to be drying up now with barely a drip in sight.

Mark had made enough room to get the next ring in now but we needed to clear out the spoil from the blasting session first so it was back to hauling. It was my turn on the diagonal line this time, and it's much easier to find a home for large rocks than the  previous buckets of wet mud. Eventually the dig face was cleared and it was time to play the entirely safe game of passing scaff poles down the dig whilst dangling off one arm.

We were short of one or two connectors, but  we had mostly what we wanted and enough to get most of the ring in. Mark had already got the pins in when I went down to be assistant and so it was just a case of levelling off the bars and deciding to make the ring step in a little. Balanced on precarious rocks we tightened and got the ring in position, hammering down the boards behind to stop our hard work being filled in.

It was getting late and last orders had already been missed when we decided that was enough, another dig beckoned tomorrow followed by a weekend of digging, it was now home time!

Out we climbed and home we went, a good dig with many jobs ticked off.

Tomorrow's report is due to be far more interesting so read that one instead... oh, to late :D


TomTom  xxx