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Looking promising

Chris A, Luke N, Tom(tom)

The trip started with unusual sight of daylight as we left Liverpool a little earlier than usual, getting to Rowter field for 6pm. Luke and myself were very manly and got changed in the car away from the worse than arctic wind chill. A spot of power walking and rapid descending had us somewhere warm and cavey. Digging started at 6:30pm with myself digging and Luke hauling. The sound of a Christopher arriving came after a couple of buckets and so we became an efficient 3 man team. I think I won the game of easiest job as the digging was through fairly dry and rocky material so I managed to fill buckets in no time at all. A couple of bucket sized boulders also helped things along as I managed to fill a bucket with only one movement… win!

With such rapid progress you can really see things moving along, the new vertical tension line was put in during the last dig and has gone from more or less the floor to 3ft off the floor. There are now two large boulders to be capped, one mostly in the wall and one which is probably a small house, it may need a few caps to get into something haulable.

Some of the manageable boulders around the hole along the wall were pulled out and this revealed a new hole more or less central to the dig and along the wall. There is a v-shape in the wall that may or may not be manmade, but the wall is certainly curving at a faster rate now. I pushed some wood down the new hole to stop it filling in only to find it goes on at least ~4ft. We’d been digging for about 1hr45mins when murmurs of a tea break started.  I was also getting a little worried about the distance below the last ring we were getting. I’d left the sides a bit to keep it all supported but it was getting to the stage where a ring was very much required. I tricked the others into one last haul, which needed a rock net, and again climbed out before the haul as I didn’t want to be below this one.  The three of us pulled it out and with our arms ruined decided tea was required.

The new kitchen is a bit drippy but that could just be water coming in from the south. With the dig needing some tlc we decided to call it a day after the tea break. The hardest part of getting out being the walk from the hole to the car as there was a million mile per hour headwind. We were all out by 9:30 and headed for the pub, not racing last orders for once.

It’s always nice to be home after a dig before midnight, especially when the evening proved quite successful.  Before we can go any further a new ring is required and with a fairly long LUPC trip planned for next weekend we may give next week a miss. It seems plans for a double midweek dig the following week have been started though.

TomTom xxx