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Seeing purple rectangles (Pictures)

Chris A, Tom H

Since there was just the two of us for the dig and considering that I couldn't leave Liverpool till 6:20 it was decided at the last minute that we would do a spot of photography down Rowter. It felt odd not packing the tea making facilities (not a feeling I wish to repeat) and instead packing the sackle tack with much foam and CCD, but that is what happened.

I arrived at Rowter at more or less 8pm with Chris minutes behind, eager to show off his handy work on his car. I was going with the traditional undersuit for this trip rather than the almost naked approach, mostly since I assumed I’d be standing still a lot this evening rather than hauling/digging/crying.

We headed down the shaft with myself winning the honour of hanging around in the drips whilst Chris took some snaps of the bottom of the shaft. I'm sure I looked epic but I was starting to fear a welly loss as it slowly filled with much water. Once the shaft pictures were acquired we took a few more on the floor and then headed for the dig face. I helped with torch placement and flash manoeuvring whilst Chris set up the money shot. I even got to set a flash off in my face, somewhat hampering my vision for a few minutes. Fortunately I was halfway down the dig scafolding at the time so looking at feet placement wasn't too important...

The amount of actual digging wasn't exactly boast worthy, with only a minor tidy up and a bit of shovel action to fill the gaps between images. The suspiciously cheap 1800lm bike torch did a fine job of lighting up the dig face, looks completely different when you can see it all!

I only took a few pics, both my old camera struggling with the conditions and me trying to remember where the important buttons were. I'm sure Chris will post some pictures in mid-late 2015 but until then here’s a handful of mine.

TomTom xxx