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Platform 9 3/4

Mark R, chris H, luke N, Maddie, Evil Tom
21st December 2013

According to Luke, 13:00 was forecast to be much warmer in the Rowter area than 11:00 so that's when we decided to meet. After spending my customary 40 minutes waiting in the car I got changed and was just setting off on my own when luke and Tom arrived!

I got underground with a bundle of planks, the drill and capping stuff and our shiny new gin wheel.. What a beauty! There were a couple of caps to do and I had all the rock stacked ready to hail when the others caught up. I'd also installed a new tensioned line against the undercutting wall to help keep the buckets away from the scaffolding.

We hauled and dug and eventually Maddie and chris arrived to ease the process, allowing us to haul spoil right to the top of the abyss.

The ledge near 10m got a name- platform 9 3/4, which I liked. I'm not sure the other name will stick though.

We had boards hammered and everything secured before calling it a day.