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Ryan’s wood

Tom H, Luke, Ryan
Thursday 28th November

Our newest associate Badger was driven instinctively to Rowter farm, and so T-Dawg and myself decided to accompany him lest he dig himself to death. A couple of hiccups, (dropouts, traffic, lack of milk and suchlike) left us running a little late, but leaving my house in Liverpool at 5pm we eventually made it to the farm  by 8...!

Kitted up and down the hole by 8:20 ish we sent Ryan down to the dig face to listen to our distant waterfall, whilst I assembled a new pulley above the dig (thanks Liverpool!). It’s a bit wee and as it’s of the fixed plate persuasion I couldn’t quite wrestle the hauling rope into place, so I put that aside and shoved a 10ml into it for now, until a more suitable pulley presents itself. Before long we were well underway and dug for a solid 40 mins before deciding that we were all suffering from an acute tea deficiency which had to be remedied by the reverend’s magic tea pot.

Back to work and we decided to let Ryan carry on with the digging as he didn’t have gloves with him and hauling is terribly harsh on the hands don’t-cha-know. We uncovered another capping candidate, and the remains of a very rotten stemple, which released all sorts of interesting smells as the shovel dissected it. On the plus side rotten wood is quite a lot lighter than mud/galena so there was a period of unusual productivity as we hauled it out bit by bit.  Another half hour or so before we decided it was bed time and headed out, quicker than ever up the pitch.

Not the most productive of digs I will admit, but better than nothing, and given the 4+ hours of travel time I reckon we were veritably enthusiastic! Next week will be more of the same, I’m sure

Luke xx