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One haul too many

Tom H, Mark R
Thursday 21st November

Throughout the day badgers dropped like flies to work and other commitments until just myself and Tom remained. We decided to go anyway as there was apparently a lot of capping to do and some sorting out of boards. The two of us were underground in good time and I had the only visible boulder capped before Tom arrived at the dig dragging his share of the new planks with him. After that... I couldn't find any more capping!

We set to work with the hauling and had cleared several buckets when all of a sudden the rope went slack as the bucket reached the top of the haul. One cheek of the pulley had worn so thin the rope cut right through the whole thing leaving two razor sharp pieces of aluminium hanging from the bolt.

This was good and bad news- bad because we were forced to attend to the boards for a while then head out but good because we were forced to head out and go to the pub.

The draught is still there and the sound of running water was better than ever. We moved some stuff, placed 7 or 8 new boards, fixed some deviating board problems and got a pint. Great dig.