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Worryingly Productive

Luke, Joe, Tom

Team Cheeseboard left Liverpool at 4:30pm and morale was instantly reduced when it became apparent that no one had purchased port or cheese. The journey to the great hole was fairly uneventful apart for Alan's interesting smells and the Dutch developing a new horn/indicator driving technique. Much traffic battling later and we found ourselves getting changed in temperatures that were probably in the sub -40c range. A quick bit of rigging and it was time for the none windproof one (Luke) to head down. The rigging looks much more reassuring now so we were able to arrive at the dig without being in a state of mild shock.

Digging commenced at 7pm with Joe spearheading the shovelling, Luke hauling and me tension lining. Much general abuse followed with space becoming a premium for depositing the spoil. After a hour of digging we thought we had earned a tea break so I put the kettle on whilst Joe escaped the hole. Without cheese the supper was a little low key but at least we did have Mr Kipling's and some matchmakers. Our 15 minute break was over woefully fast and soon we were back to it with myself now taking up the shovel. After Mark had found a hole on the last dig there was some mild excitement, which unfortunately passed as my digging took me lower than the bottom of last week's hole. It seems the hole was an air pocket caused by a well placed boulder, a boulder that's going to need a hell of a capping at the next dig as its fully in the way. After 45 minutes it was time to change stations again with Luke now digging and myself taking up hauling. All I can say is that I hate that final ledge, I'm sure it's got some sort of bucket magnet.

We kept the pace up and even managed to get a fair sized boulder out using the rock net. Joe managed a spot of spoil tidying whilst we hauled the boulder out and so we had enough room to keep us entertained for the final slog.

Once the final 45 minute session was over we had our pre-leaving tea break, which since I was the only one with a cup meant we yet again had frying pan and pot tea. We left the dig at 10pm and headed for this hills, the climb getting ever fast now the rope is cool with a pantin being used on it.

An unusual dig as I was home for 12:30, but a productive one for the more casual of cavers. 2hrs30mins of solid digging and only 30 minutes of tea break, the things that lack of cheese causes!

Until next time

TomTom xx