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Distant sound of water

Mark R, Adam P, Chris A, Tom H, Luke N

This was an exciting trip for me- the first one where I would notice progress since I was last there. I arrived at the farm at 7, everyone else was late of course so I went down to get started without them, leaving a subtle pile of rope, mail loans and a hacksaw by the car.

First job was a bit of capping to get rid of some pesky boulders and then levering them out of the way. After a bit Tom arrived to help me haul stuff out of the hole and some time later the others turned up, having re rigged the very worn ropes in the entrance shaft.

I can't prove it but I do have my suspicions that the last two trips may have involved more eating and drinking than digging, these suspicions deepened when Tom broke out the new stove, cheese selection, two different types of cake, biscuits, chocolate bars and chilli jam. Never the less, it didn't take much time at all to get to depth for a new ring. We got this in and hammered the boards down, marking the end of the stockpiled boards down the dig, more to take down next time.

It was as we were poking around making space for the ring that a small black hole opened up in one corner. This wasn't unusual for the dig but the breeze flowing out of it was particularly strong. Knowing that hypothermia was flowing fairly well I got everyone to sit quietly for a minute had had a hard listen into the little hole. There was no mistaking the distant sound of flowing water. Not a drip and not a raging whitewater torrent but a fairly reasonable flow of water. Definitely! This is good news! :D

It was midnight when we pulled out of the field, tired but happy to have another ring finished and excited about the draft and water!