Return to Rowter

29th September 2013


Ben E, Chris H, Mark R, Adam P, Luke N, Ryan S, Shane, Ivet, 'Adam the fresher'


I started work in Jersey on 24th July after a short period of intense activity down Rowter but hadn't managed to get back down there since. It was fantastic to be back and capping, digging, hauling and hammering again.

Having a big team makes life so much more pleasant for all involved, we hauled buckets and transferred them up the tensioned line to the spoil heaps like a well oiled machine. The bottom of the dig is still sandy and muddy but there are also some large boulders which took a bit of capping. After a couple of hours, the Liverpool contingent turned up and had a play around with some ropes elsewhere in Rowter for a bit. We managed to grab some for hauling and hammering purposes though.

The dig is definitely still draughting out and in one corner the sand occasionally gives way to rocks and little black holes. We are still following stemple sockets down the walls but I can't help but wish we were a metre to the right! Still, onwards and downwards...

Cheese and Port tasting

Rowter Walk

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