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Rowter strikes back

Chris H, Adam P, Mark K, Luke N and special guests Bob Twogood and Sam Goodyear (SUSS) who was dragged along after a night at TSG.
14th Sept 2013

After a long hiatus from Rowter a number of Badgers came together from the corners of the country to reinvigorate dig 2.0. I met up with everyone on Saturday morning at the TSG after making a detour to Sainsbury's to pick up some essential pork products for a typical Rowter lunch, and some milk. Bob was in the TSG and was after a chance to do some prusiking. After asking why, it turns out he was recovering from a heart attack and was wanting to give it a go again before heading off on expedition to Albania. As you do!

Breakfast, again pork based, was fried and then we swiftly headed to Rowter farm. Adam headed to the dig face to find that it had silted up quite a bit in the 2 months since our last visit. After a bit of faffage to get the haul line reinstated the buckets started flowing. Adam worked like a Trojan to dig out the two foot of sand that had in filled the dig during our sabbatical.

After a bite to eat Sam took over the digging and removed the remainder of the loose sand, relatively easy digging but frustrating because of the lack of new progress. I then took over from him as we star ted to hit the more familiar clay and boulders. A number of buckets were removed and then some bigger boulders were dragged out with the net.

A very satisfying feeling knowing that progress was being made. The dig down continued with plenty of sand, clay and boulders coming out. Mark K took over proceedings and was digging like a mole on speed. We actually had to stop supplying buckets to him to get him to stop.

There looks to be a couple of bigger boulders that need capping coming into dig range but there is plenty to do. Boards to be hammered and another set putting in. Then plenty of downward effort to get the next ring in.

More digging tomorrow!