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Badgers forced underground by unseasonable heatwave

Chris H, Adam P, Mark R
6th July 2013

We awoke to the realisation that the last pint of G&T was perhaps one too many... It was a fairly slow start. Despite the glorious sunshine (a bit too hot really) we got underground about 12:30 and set about hauling. It wasn't long before it was time to put some poles and planks in and we had a new ring in before we stopped for lunch. After some miniature cheeses, pork pies, scotch eggs, sausage rolls, mini chocolates and luke warm tea we were back to it. We changed places part way through and little Chris was at the bottom of the shaft when a piece of rock fell out of a bucket and hit him on the finger. it swelled up a bit but being the rock hard motherf*cker super hero he is, he soldiered on.

We put the boulder net to very good use by hauling a massive boulder out of the shaft which took all three of us to lift. It was a bloody miracle we got it out.... If Adam and I had let go half way through I think little Chris would have been lifted out of the shaft!
We dug enough that tomorrow we should get another ring in, frustratingly we are still digging through sand but we shrunk the shaft slightly today to account for the ever undercutting wall we are following and there is still a good draught coming out of one side... I just wish we were a metre further to the right! It's time to start stealing an inch or so on every ring to step the shaft across I think.

A brilliant day digging and now we are off to the pub :)