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Adam P, Rob Eavis, Henry R, Mark R
4th July 2013

Rob had kindly offered to bring his camera along tonight to snap some pictures of the dig. He started with some shots of us getting changed. Very… thorough!

We all marched across the fields with a bundle of planks each and were at the dig in no time at all. We spent all evening hauling sand and the occasional boulder out from the bottom of the shaft, the sandy walls hold themselves up quite nicely so we didn’t drive any planks down until later on, just dug and dug. Rob spent the first part of the evening snapping away but just as he put his camera down it was Adams turn to do some digging and off came his top.. a missed opportunity I think.

Henry and Rob spent a long time re- building sections of wall on the rubble slope which now looks much better. There is plenty of space and the tensioned line seems to be working a treat.

We made some good downwards progress (although still in bloody sand) and hopefully Rob got some nice shots.

Thanks to everyone who helped.