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Tensioned line... working fine

Max Lloyd, Hazel Tant, Tim Nixon, Mark R
2nd July 2013

Despite spending the day in deepest darkest south, Tim made it to the farm just as we were preparing to head underground. Hazel and Max had finally succumbed to the curiosity of what takes me down Rowter every week and decided to come and have a look for themselves.

The task for the evening was to set up a tensioned line above the dig to take spoil up slope to new stacking ares. I had set one up in my garage to test out and had all the parts ready to go straight in and within 10 minutes or so the rig was done. We spent some time trying it out with spoil that has been accumulating at the top of the dig and I went down to the bottom and we began hauling stuff out.

As a bucket reaches the top it can be clipped directly to a double pulley via an adjustable and releasable strop which is tightened and the main hauling rope then released and unclipped from the bucket. The bucket is left hanging on the tensioned line and then pulled up slope via a pulley system which can be installed anywhere on the line. It worked a treat and we were tipping spoil at the top of the slope nice and quickly and with very little effort!

Hazel and Max made good time out of the shaft and we were all in the Cheshire Cheese in time for a couple of pints. All in all a good dig.