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Panic Grab

Mark K, Mark R
29th June 2013

Mark K drove up on Friday night for a whole weekend of digging fun. We started on friday with a late night at the pub followed up with G&T at home until the early hours. Saturday morning we were undergound nice and early and hauling away. We pulled 50 or so large buckets out of the hole and got the next ring in by the end of the day, it was hard work as the shaft is now getting quite large at the bottom with the wall under cutting as we descend. We finally decided that it is time to reduce the size of the shaft on the next drop, it will speed things up massively. Mark spent a lot of time walking up and down the hill tipping spoil, we are going to rig a tensioned line next week to try and ease the pain of moving spoil from the top of the dig to the tipping areas. Its fine with lots of people but with just two or three its hard work.

Despite digging through sand and having lost most of the draft through the floor (it still comes in through the walls) the digging is at least fast and we are still following a line of stemple sockets down the wall.

The only down side to the day was going for a piss with half a snickers in my mouth, dropping it and in a panic making a grab for it right through the stream if wee.. disaster. , :(

More digging Sunday!