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Adam P, Luke N, Mark R
27th June 2013

I called in at the fantastic Darnall Hire scaffold yard this morning and picked up 6lengths at 4', 12 at 5', 2 at 6' and 30 singles for £100... Bargain!
I got to the farm ahead of Adam and Luke and took some boards down the hole, leaving a nice little pile of scaffolding for them to bring along. By the time they arrived I'd managed to cap a couple of boulders, cut some boards to length and make a nice heap of rubble at the bottom of the shaft ready to haul out.
It really is a three person dig if you want to get rid of spoil up the slope, I think we can create some new stacking space nearby for two person dig days though. We spent most of the evening hauling sand, we dug probably a cube of sand and small rocks almost non- stop which was hard work for all involved but by the end of the night the floor was another half metre deeper. We should have the next ring in by the end of the weekend. So far we have sunk the bottom of the shaft through about 1.5-2m of solid sand! Not sure where it came from but we are still uncovering stemple sockets on the wall so we shall keep descending.
Thanks to Luke and Adam for coming all the way over again, thanks to Simon for his donation the other day if I haven't already thanked him and thanks to Mark K for upgrading his shareholding from bronze to gold!