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The Bead and Ben Bang Boulders

Simon B, Ben F, Mark R
23rd June 2013

Today being a Sunday dig we went prepared with a flask of tea and lunch. Simon and I were digging from about 10:30 but Ben had "been led astray" last night and arrived an hour or so later looking rather green around the gills.
We spent a lot of time hauling rubble out of the bottom which is a long way to haul now and spent quite a lot of time capping. There was (still is) one particularly huge boulder at one side which we capped 4 or 5 times to make room for the next ring.
After lunch we got the next ring in and hammered the boards down to fit. One side is out by about an inch and its annoying me even as I sit here and type so that's the first job next trip! Despite this, we made good downwards progress even though the band of sand persists.
For the first time since we got the new drill I used both batteries today and Half a large tictac box of caps.
Next trip.... Wednesday??