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Mark R, Lizzie H
20th June 2013


Feeling a little worn from the previous two nights digging (three in a row seems to be enough) we arrived at the farm to find a couple of guys from the TSG just getting back to their car. I have forgotten their names so I hope they get in touch but they had just been for a look in Rowter. They had also, rather kindly pulled a few bucket loads out of the bottom for us, thanks guys!

We started by giving Lizzie her first introduction to capping... which resulted in her getting hit on the foot with a piece of flyrock!...FEET UP! Then spent the rest of the time hauling stuff.


I took some measurements of the shaft- its about 5ft x 4ft x 3ft (because of the shape of the wall) so ill go next week and spend some of this new sponsorship money on some scaff poles at these sizes to help cut down on wastage. Probably 5ft and 4ft lengths.

Before leaving we moved a load of materials around and hung the clips up on the walls to create a big area of stacking space.
Thanks to Tim Nixon for becoming a Silver level shareholder today!!!