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A Ladder at Last!

Mark W, Lizzie H, Mark R
19th July 2013

Mark turned up at the farm with a long section of wooden ladder, 2 new buckets and an interesting net made from caving rope to use for hauling large boulders. (Thanks Henry).

The ladder immediately went in the top section of the dig (which is no longer the deepest drop) and makes getting in and out just so much easier! We spent some time hauling sand and boulders and moved on to building the next ring. This went in with relative ease and more boards were hammered into place. Mark spent time at the bottom fixing the ring and boards and looking down on him made me realize how deep the thing is starting to look! I'm pleased that the sides of the bottom section are staying square and vertical, it is quite large at the moment (too large probably for fast digging) but my worry is that the wall may cut back on itself at some point and once we have shrunk the size of the shaft there's no going back so for now it stays large.

A good trip and time for a pint at the Cheese.