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I would drive five hundred miles... to go digging!

 Mark W, Tim N, Tom Chapman, Mark R

As we arrived at the farm from home. (via Dawlish, work and home again for me)  we were joined by surprise guest Tom Chapman who is on a level three re-validation course with Mark at the moment. Tim arrived with 20 short planks in his boot but had handily forgotten any tie wire! Fortunately I happened to have a bit and we took a nice light load of three planks each underground.

The music was on and a boulder capped by the time everyone arrived and we spent the next two hours hauling out of the floor. There was quite a bit more mud and debris down there than I had previously though. It was stuff that, despite our best efforts had fallen down the old shaft whilst we were digging. Tom and I dug, hauled and hammered boards, Tim took buckets off the top and passed them to Mark and Mark built walls and stacked the spoil.

We made good progress downwards through the mud which was actually quite slow to dig in. every now and then a little hole would open up in the floor and just before it was refilled with mud we got a little waft of cool, fresh breeze.

I forgot to mention that the other night I found a small section of clay pipe in amongst the rubble near the bottom of the shaft. I know the old DCC diggers were working on it a long time ago but not that long! It definitely belonged to the old man.

Finally, in other news Adam P has pledged to become the second platinum shareholder and 6th shareholder overall. Current dig costs (excluding all the scaffolding we have had for free) run to £380.

A few days off for my body to recover now! next dig... Monday or Tuesday next week :)